Resume – Download PDF version 

Okay, here is my humble self-promotion.

I am recognized as a dedicated and accomplished manager of cross-functional creative teams. I have the proven skills in creating group synergy and strategic, compelling and emotionally connected video, marketing and media materials. I possess wide-ranging experience and knowledge of production workflows and management processes. I bring deadline-focused and budget conscious management that results in client alignment, addressing obstacles and managing risks. I seek to contribute in a meaningful and soulful way to a dynamic and progressive organization.

As Director, Creative Content Development for the Jewish United Fund / Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago (JUF/JF), I managed a team of eight creative professionals to conceive and produce effective products in video, print, and electronic communications. I was also the Associate Producer of Sanctuary, an Emmy nominated community program on Chicago’s ABC channel 7 and Producer of the annual campaign videos and other multimedia, which helped raised over $80 million for the JUF/JF yearly campaigns.

I am proud of my accomplishments while working at Disney Feature Animation as Assistant Supervisor of Compositing from 1995-2003.  Projects included The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, Fantasia 2000 Imax, Atlantis, Emperor’s New Groove, Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Destino, and Beauty and the Beast (IMAX reissue.)

I also produce plant based videos for Food Purpose. I have owned and operated Work Dog Productions since 2003, a video production company producing video and audio projects.

I hold a Masters in Nonprofit Management and a Bachelors of Science in IT with a focus in Visual Communications/Multimedia.

​​And on a personal note, I am a singer/songwriter, advocate for plant-based eating and a collector of 1960-1990 LPs.​